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Homemade Diet Podcast

Board certified veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Jackie Parr, joins Dr. Buzby at the Uncharted Veterinary Conference to discuss dog nutrition and particularly the pros and cons of home-cooking for dogs. Dr. Parr helps us ensure our dogs are not only getting high-quality...

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The 10% Rule for Cats! More isn’t better!

What is the 10% rule? In order for your cat’s diet to be complete and balanced, less than 10% of your cat’s daily calories can come from cat treats, human foods (e.g. meat and fish), treats for giving pills (e.g. Pill Pockets® Treats), fat supplements...

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The downside to measuring cups! #BanTheCup If you are a veterinary team member, you’re probably thinking, why on earth would I want to discourage pet parents from using measuring cups? Especially when there are so many pet parents that use far worse things...

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